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A Message from our Freestyle Head Coach Greg Roe

Program Outline 

Module 1: Learn the underlying biological base to learning any skill you want! 

• Basic Biology

• Basic Psychology 

• Developing Spatial Awareness 

• Building a Healthy Body

                              ... And Much More!

Module 2: Learn every single building block of acrobatic skills using our biological base! 

• Swivel Hips

• Full Airplane

• Turn Table

• Corkscrew

                                ... And Much More!


Module 3: Learn basic flips with previous building blocks 

• Side Flip Full Twist

• Cody

• Ballouts

• Cork 

• Cat Twist

                                  ... And Much More!

Module 4: Learn advanced skills Degree-By-Degree, recommended in a gym club or with a coach

• Rudy Out

• Full Full

• Randy Out

• Millers

• Quad Full

• Full Full

                                ... And Much More!

Module 5: Glue the building blocks together with practical application & advice from the experts!

• Spotting Errors In Technique

• Overcoming Fear Before It Even Sets In 

• Psychological Tricks To Get Into The Right Mind state

• Critiques Of Real Videos

                                 ... And Much More!    

*Images by @padjey


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